SwissQprint Nyala2 UV Lamp



SwissQprint Nyala UV Lamp

SubZero 280H UV Lamp

Power Density100Watts/cm
Arc Length280mm
End CapCeramic
Wire, left50mm
Wire, right250mm
SwissQprint Nyala2 SubZero 280H UV Lamp

SwissQprint Nyala2 Encoder Sensor Board Image

SwissQprint Nyala2 Encoder Strip Image

SwissQprint Nyala2 UV Lamp

SwissQprint Nyala UV LampSwissQprint Nyala UV Lamp

SwissQprint Nyala2 UV Lamp | SwissQprint Nyala UV Lamp
SwissQprint Nyala2 UV Lamp

Powerful actinic ray Output
Integration Technology Ltd has additional extended the scope of the world leading SubZero vary of actinic ray systems with the
introduction of the SubZero 220 and also the SubZero 280, in both shuttered and non-shuttered versions.
While maintaining the little footprint needed for simple integration, the 220 and also the 280 also can be equipped complete with the established SubZero integral high-speed electronic shutter. this method options a programmed electronic deed making certain a quick cycle time (80ms) with inertia-less braking, sanctioning the shutter to be closed or opened throughout the print cycle while not transmittal vibration to the print engine. elaborated analysis and extended cycle testing has enabled a style that gives exceptional service life
eliminating surplus time period and maintenance.
As the leading provider of actinic ray systems to the Digital Inkjet industry Integration Technology is in a position to supply shoppers recommendation and experience among the actinic ray natural process business regarding the integration of hardware and also the method of actinic ray natural process.
SubZero customary options
radical lightweight weight with compact ‘footprint’
• High intensity reflector system
exchangeable quartz front plate
fast amendment lamp container
• Advanced salt bulb technology
• Integrated air-cooling
• Switch-mode electronic power provide
• Hi-flex plug and socket cabling connections
• One year Integration Technology warrantee

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Weight4 kg