Gerber Led Lamp


Gerber LED Lamp

Start from 499USD for all Gerber LED Lamp Printers.


Gerber Led Lamp

Please this price is not the final price and the final price will be based on your lamp power. Our price is just a fraction of Gerber OEM LED lamp but performance over OEM LED Lamp because we sell Gerber led lamp directly from our LED lamp manufacturer. Life time technique support from our over 15 years experience in LED Lamp system.
What’s include with Gerber LED Lamp customized LED Lamp system?

  1. Two Gerber led lamps that can last 18,000~25,000 hours. 18000 hours warranty from led lamp manufacturer.
  2. Power supply and you just need to purchase this power supply at the first time.
  3. Water cooling system and you just need to purchase this power supply at the first time.
  4. Including all tubing for your installations.

Gerber LED Lamp Technical Specifications:
Wave Length 395 nm (Option 365 nm).
Power from 100~600 Watts adjustable. We can customize to produce any led lamp for all Efi machines.Dimension: W35*L105*H25 mm ~ W55*L185*H25 mm
LED Lamp Area: 20*98 mm ~ 40*180 mm
Led Lamp Beads: 96 ~ 192
Water Cooling (Option Fan Cooling option).

Customized Design LED UV Lamp available upon requirement.This Gerber LED Lamp is for All Gerber printers that use Konica KM512 and KM1024 eries printhead. Lavaink supplies not only standard Gerber led uv lamp but also provides the customized LED UV Lamp for all Gerber machines.
We customize to manufacturer Gerber LED UV Lamp for all Gerber machines:

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